Version 2.9 released!

We are pleased to announce the release of AutomateWoo version 2.9! We hope this exciting new release will give you even more great tools to market and grow your store. This update introduces an exciting new workflow scheduling feature, WooCommerce Memberships integration, custom field support for both MailChimp and ActiveCampaign, new order line item triggers and more. In addition, we have made performance improvements and added support for the many changes coming in the major WooCommerce 2.7 update…

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Introducing Rules – AutomateWoo v2.6

AutomateWoo is getting a major upgrade today with release of the new ‘rules’ feature which improves the workflow editing UI and allows for far greater flexibility. Rules improves on the existing ‘trigger options’ system and so a number of these options have been removed to keep the UI and codebase as clean as possible…

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Introducing a new UI for workflow variables

I’m excited to announce that we have a great new interface for creating workflow variables that is now available in version 2.4. The goal of the improvements is to make using variables quicker and easier and to minimize the possibility for human error. This update is fully backwards compatible as there are no changes to the actual variable syntax.

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Version 2.1 released!

Hi all,

AutomateWoo 2.1 will be released shortly and there are important changes for the database and for MailChimp users. There are also some smaller new features, some improvements and a handful of fixes.

I’m posting this update a few hours before the release because it’s a fairly major release and I want everyone to be aware of the implications before updating.

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What’s new in Version 2.0

Since launching AutomateWoo in July the plugin has evolved considerably and now 2.0 is out! You’re probably already be aware of some of the new features and improvements that have been introduced since launch but I wanted to do a bit of recap and a summary of whats new in version 2.0.

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5 Email Marketing Tactics to Improve Customer Retention

Repeat sales are extremely important for any ecommerce business. You spend the big bucks on getting new customers – creating awareness about your brand through online marketing campaigns, social media, and more – and you hope that the reward for all that hard work will be a growing loyal customer base.

According to a 2012 Adobe report on the U.S. ecommerce sector, repeat shoppers represented just 8% of all site visitors but accounted for 41% of total online sales.  In order to get that repeat business, you need to remind your customers that you’re there, and more than once. Typically you should expect to remind a customer 5-7 times before he/she makes a repeat purchase.  Smart, personalized WooCommerce email marketing leads to greater customer retention.

Here are 5 effective ways for WooCommerce store managers to use marketing automation to reach out to those customers via personalized email campaigns and encourage them to come back to your site…

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Video: Automatic VIP Customers for WooCommerce

Whether you want to reward your best customers or create an incentive to spend more, having a VIP Customer tier on your WooCommerce store can be an highly effective marketing strategy.

AutomateWoo lets you automate the process of creating WooCommerce VIP customers without writing a single line of code! Take a look at the video walkthrough for more info.

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