Version 2.1 released!

Hi all,

AutomateWoo 2.1 will be released shortly and there are important changes for the database and for MailChimp users. There are also some smaller new features, some improvements and a handful of fixes.

I’m posting this update a few hours before releasing the update because it’s a fairly major one and I want everyone to be aware of the implications before updating.

Database Upgrade

This is a major change so please backup your database when prompted during the update! Also please note that the upgrade script could take a few minutes to run.

This change is completely internal but its goal is to improve performance and keep the database nice and clean. So what’s changed? Previously AutomateWoo stored Logs, Queued Events and Unsubscribes as custom post objects but its more efficient and much neater to store this data in custom tables.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

AutomateWoo now fully supports the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. Use cases include maintaining a MailChimp list of your active subscribers, sending pre/post renewal emails for reminders or anything really, offering discounts after subscription expires… I could go on. Documentation will be coming soon and maybe some videos.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.39.13 PM_shrink

MailChimp Upgrade

This is important for anyone using the AutomateWoo Add to MailChimp List action. This action is now deprecated and has been replaced with a shiny new action that will make things much easier.

Now instead of having to enter you API key and List ID on every action the API key is entered under once as a global settings and your lists will be automatically retrieved. There is also a new ‘Remove from MailChimp List’ action.

Also please note, that to enable these new actions you will need to tick the Enable MailChimp integration box in settings.

  • The deprecated actions will continue working for 12 months and will then be removed.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.39.54 PM_shrink

User Tags

Users tags gets an upgrade with a new ability to bulk add / remove tags from the WordPress Users view as well as an added column to view each users tags on the list view.


Queue to Variable

This feature was developed for the WooCommerce Subscriptions integration specifically to send reminder emails before a subscription renewal, but the feature can be used on any workflow.

Basically there is a third option added to the Run Actions select box named ‘At a Variable DateTime’. If selected this reveals a text field where datetime variable can be entered so for example you could enter {{ subscription.next_payment_date | modify: -3 days }} and the workflow will be queued to run 3 days before the subscription renews.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.36.33 PM_shrink


  • New global option to define the conversion window period (default is 14 days)
  • New global option to define the queue batch size (default is 25 items)
  • New variables {{ shop.products_recent }} {{ shop.products_featured }} {{ shop.products_on_sale }}
  • New conversion tracking allowance for guests that create an account during checkout
  • Fixed an issue where abandoned carts workflows could run when there are no items in the cart
  • Plugin is now translatable, POT file included in source
  • New option to queue a workflow to a custom field which includes support for variables
  • New variables {{ site.current_datetime }} {{ }}
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Limit Per User’ field could calculate incorrectly on queued workflows.
  • Internal improvements and fixes around guest orders
  • Increase queue frequency to 15 mins, send smaller batches more frequently
  • Show queue times in the reports view, not just the date
  • Fixed an issue where the email preview could exceed a servers max length for a URL
  • Fixed an issue where queued events would still run if workflow had been un-published after the queued event was created

About the author

After developing custom WordPress themes and plugins for several years, Dan Bitzer wrote the first line of code for AutomateWoo in 2015. He hails from Australia but loves to travel and work abroad.