AgileCRM Integration


Automate customer management by integrating AgileCRM & WooCommerce via AutomateWoo workflows.

WooCommerce v2.6+
AutomateWoo v3.0+
PHP v5.4+

Current Version


Important: This mini-extension is free to download and use. However, it is provided “as is” with absolutely no guarantees, for reference only, and are not covered under the WooCommerce Support Policy.

The AutomateWoo AgileCRM add-on adds new actions that can be used in combination with the wide range of triggers already included with AutomateWoo.

The add-on can be used in combination with the official integration plugin provided by AgileCRM. It’s actually recommended to use both plugins as they will each bring different functionality to your WooCommerce store.

Add / Remove Tags on Contacts

Add AgileCRM tag when subscription is active

Update Contact Custom Field

Update last order ID in AgileCRM

Create New Contact
AgileCRM - Create New Contact Action

Add Task To Contact

Add AgileCRM follow up task on refunded order

Add Note To Contact