AutomateWoo has moved to

We are excited to announce that as part of continuing our journey at Automattic we have moved AutomateWoo and our Refer a Friend and Birthday add-ons over to the Extensions Store 🎉

What’s changing?

Subscription Purchases

AutomateWoo subscriptions will no longer be available to purchase (or renew) from Going forward, subscriptions for our products will only be available from the Extensions Store. 

You’ll receive all the same benefits such as 1 year of updates and support and the 30-day money back guarantee is still available if you are unhappy with any purchase.

We hope this change simplifies extension management for our customers as you’ll now be able to manage your AutomateWoo subscriptions alongside subscriptions to other great extensions available on

Bulk Pricing Updates

We’ve updated our bulk pricing options for AutomateWoo and our add-ons to more closely align with the Extensions Store pricing structure.

Single and five site subscription pricing is unchanged.

Ten and twenty site subscriptions have been replaced with a NEW twenty-five site subscription.

The price of the all new 25 site subscription is equal to the price of the discontinued 10 site subscription. This change provides an even greater level of savings for those seeking to use AutomateWoo on multiple sites.

The updated pricing list is as follows:


  • Single site – $99
  • Five sites – $199
  • Twenty-five sites – $349 (new)

Refer A Friend add-on

  • Single site – $79
  • Five sites – $159
  • Twenty-five sites – $299 (new)

Birthdays add-on

  • Single site – $39
  • Five sites – $69
  • Twenty-five sites – $119 (new)

AgileCRM Add-on is now FREE

You might have noticed that we didn’t include our AgileCRM Add-on above, that’s because we’ve made it available FREE.

Learn more about the add-on on our product page or head to Github to download it direct

Renewal Discounts

The Extensions Store does not offer a discount for subscription renewals. This means that going forward there will be no renewal discounts for AutomateWoo and our add-ons.

We understand that this change will affect a number of our existing customers.

To try and make up for this change and to thank all our customers for their continued support we are offering a one time 50% discount on to all existing AutomateWoo customers.

Simply use coupon code AUTOMATEWOOTHANKYOU during checkout (before January 2021) to apply the discount to your order.

Please note – The coupon is limited to existing AutomateWoo customers. If you are a customer and have any issues redeeming the coupon please let us know. Affiliates

In July we closed applications to the Affiliate Program. Now, as part of moving to the Extensions Store we’ll be closing the affiliate program completely.

To continue to earn a commission for referring AutomateWoo please sign up for the referral program.

In addition to earning money for AutomateWoo referrals from the Extensions Store you’ll earn a commission for any other extension sale and you can also create referral links for and plans and earn extra money the same way.

Go to to get started!

To our existing affiliates – thank you for the support 🙏 we hope that we can continue our relationship via the referral program.

We’ll be calculating and processing final payouts for the affiliate program soon. Stay tuned.

What does this mean for existing AutomateWoo installations?

AutomateWoo 4.7, which was released today, adds support for both and the licensing systems.

Existing installations of AutomateWoo will continue to use the legacy licensing system and automatic updates will continue to work until your subscription’s next renewal date.

Instead of renewing, subscriptions on will expire and you will need to purchase a new subscription from to continue to receive benefits like support and automatic updates (don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder, along with the coupon mentioned above 😉).

Once a AutomateWoo subscription has been purchased, you can activate it as you would any other extension. Upon activation, the legacy license system will be disabled and you’ll continue receiving automatic updates via

If you would like to switch back to the license system you can do that in AutomateWoo > Settings > General by changing the License key origin. Please note that this legacy license system will be switched off when all existing subscriptions have ended (around 1 year from today).

Please note – AutomateWoo and any add-ons must use the same licensing system – so we recommend purchasing subscriptions for AutomateWoo and any add-ons you need on at the same time to ensure automatic updates continue to work for all your purchases products.

Existing customers can also continue to access their account dashboard at to view the status of current subscriptions, access order history, view invoices and manually download product updates for the remaining length of their subscription.

We’re here to help!

As always, we are here to help and want to make the transition as smooth as possible. If you have any questions, concerns or simply need a hand get in touch with our team!

Coming in AutomateWoo 4.8

In addition to all the Extensions Store changes we’ve also been working hard on the next release and have some exciting updates coming in 4.8 that you won’t want to miss:

  • Support for Mailchimp Tags
  • 3 new subscription order triggers – subscription created, paid and status changed.
  • Performance improvements for asynchronous events – learn more about asynchronous triggers here.

A special thank you to all ❤️

As we move to, we’d like to say a special thank you to everyone who has used AutomateWoo over the years! Since launching in July 2015, we’ve helped thousands of stores grow, released 293 updates, written over 400,000 lines of code and responded to over 20,000 emails. None of this would have been possible without your continued support and feedback!

Thanks again from the AutomateWoo team!

About the author

After developing custom WordPress themes and plugins for several years, Dan Bitzer wrote the first line of code for AutomateWoo in 2015. He hails from Australia but loves to travel and work abroad.