AutomateWoo version 2.2.2 introduces support for the WPML plugin. No configuration is required when using AutomateWoo with WPML but you will need to create workflows for each language you are using e.g an english user or guest will only be valid for english workflows.

If you would like to copy all the options from your default language to a different language the ‘WPML Copy Content’ button doesn’t work for AutomateWoo data. Instead use the ‘Overwrite’ button and then on the next screen you can click ‘Translate independantly’.

Making languages persistent

By default when a user selects a language this choice is not persistent, meaning there is no record of which language a user or guest is interacting with your store. There is no problem with this until, for example, we want to send a multilingual abandoned cart email then we need to know the user or guests preferred language.

So to do this AutomateWoo records which language a known user or guest has last interacted with your store. Its probably good to keep this in mind because as an admin you are often switching back and forth between languages and your persistent language will also be changing.