Award free subscription time using Subscriptions and Refer A Friend

Rewarding referrals is a proven method to increase sales.  AutomateWoo and Refer A Friend make rewarding your store’s advocates possible.  However, did you know you can also use AutomateWoo, Refer A Friend, and WooCommerce Subscriptions to award free subscription time to your subscribers?

This article outlines how to encourage sales growth by rewarding advocate referrals with free subscription time.



Step 1: Ensure your payment gateway allows for recurring amount modifications.   

If your payment gateway does allow for recurring amount modifications, no action is needed.  If your payment gateway does not allow for recurring amount modifications, you’ll need to turn off automatic payments.

Step 2: Go to AutomateWoo → Settings.

Step 3: Click on Refer A Friend.

Step 4: Ensure the option Use store credit on subscription renewal payments is enabled.

Image 2019-03-11 at 4.28.38 PM.png

That’s it!  By following the above steps, your Advocates will now be awarded free subscription time when their referrals are approved.