Refer A Friend

Referral Statuses

When a new referral is created for an order it will either have the status Pending or Potential Fraud. If you have enabled auto-approval then the referral status will be automatically changed to Approved once the corresponding order gets marked as completed. If the referral is marked as Potential Fraud then the referral will not be auto-approved and you can choose to manually approve or reject it.

  • Pending – A successful referral has been recorded but any store credit has not made available to the advocate.
  • Approved – The referral is now visible to the advocate and any store credit will be applied to their next purchase.
  • Potential Fraud – A successful referral has been recorded but the system thinks it may be fraudulent. You must manually choose whether to approve or reject the referral.
  • Rejected – When this occurs, the advocate cannot see rejected referrals or use the store credit.


  • [automatewoo_referrals_page] – This displays the referral share form on the referral share page nominated in the referral settings.
  • [automatewoo_referrals_share_widget] – It is important to note that this shortcode is dynamic and the links in the widget will be different for each user. Page caching must be disabled on any page where this widget is used.
  • [automatewoo_referrals_account_tab] – This shortcode can be used if your theme does not support the new WooCommerce tabbed account area (adding in v2.6). It displays the advocates’ approved referrals and their store credit balance.

Store Credit

​If you are rewarding your advocates with store credit, any approved referrals with credit remaining will be automatically used on the advocate’s next order. The credit amount is labelled Referral Credit and is shown in the cart and checkout totals. The advocate is not able to choose to use the credit, it must be used on their next order.

Google Analytics Tracking

A great way to measure the performance of your Refer A Friend campaign is by using Google Analytics UTM tracking. You can set this up by adding a few parameters to the URLs in the Refer A Friend settings.

For example you could add the following parameters to the social Share URL: ?utm_source=social&utm_campaign=refer-a-friend&utm_medium=referral