Workflows that are not set to run immediately will be added to a Queue. By default, the queue processes 50 items every 5 minutes so actual run times will vary slightly. This batch size can be changed with custom code.

When are Events Created?

It’s important to note that queue events are only created based on the Run Actions workflow option. If this is set to anything other than Immediately a queued event will be created. This means that certain triggers like Abandoned Cart, Subscription Before Renewal and User Has Not Purchased For Period will not appear in the queue even though they are triggering based on a schedule. If you can’t find a workflow which has been run, try checking your Log.


Failed Events

A queued event can fail because its missing a data item. E.g. it supposed to email to a certain user but that user has been deleted. When this happens, it remains in the Queue Events table for 30 days and is marked as failed. From the Queue Events table you can attempt to run the event again, but it will not reattempt  to run by itself.

Filter: automatewoo_failed_events_delete_after

Increasing the Queue’s Batch Size

By default, the AutomateWoo queue processes 50 items in each batch. Batches run at most, every 5 minutes.

This batch size can be increased with theĀ 'automatewoo_queue_batch_size' filter.

For example, to increase the default batch size to 150, the following snippet can be added to your site:

function eg_increase_aw_batch_size( $default_batch_size ) {
return 150;
add_filter( 'automatewoo_queue_batch_size', 'eg_increase_aw_batch_size' );

Items are not processed in the same request, so it is safe to increase the batch size.