Installing AutomateWoo

Once you’ve purchased AutomateWoo, follow these steps to install your new plugin:

  1. Login to the AutomateWoo account area.
  2. Your license key is shown in Licenses in the menu on the left-hand side. (The license expiry date is also shown here.)
  3. In the menu, open Downloads and download your AutomateWoo plugin.
  4. Open your site’s WordPress admin area and go to Plugins on the menu bar.
  5. At the top left-hand corner click Add New, and then Upload Plugin.
  6. Click Choose file and select the file from your downloads. Click Install Now and then activate AutomateWoo.
  7. You must enter your license key before you can start using your new plugin. Follow the prompt which appears above and enter the license key you have received. AutomateWoo will now appear in the WordPress menu bar.
  8. Celebrate!! AutomateWoo is fully installed and you are ready to go…