Alert customers that their saved credit card is about to expire – include a coupon

Use case

This workflow will send an email with a personalized coupon to your customers who have a saved card with your store that is about to expire.


  • A coupon: before we can construct the workflow, you will need to create a coupon to offer your customers. You can create personalized coupons for each of your customers by following the personalized coupons guide.

Workflow setup

  1. Create a new workflow.
  2. Select the Customer Before Saved Card Expiry trigger.
  3. Set the “Days before expiry” option to a length of time that suits.
  4. Click Add Action and select Send Email and include the variable {{ }} as the email address.
  5. Populate the required fields.
  6. Craft the content of the email. Include the personalized coupon by including the {{ customer.generate_coupon }} variable.
  7. Click the Preview link to preview your email to ensure it is correct.