All emails sent from AutomateWoo workflows automatically include an unsubscribe link in the email footer. This link allows any recipient (user or guest) to unsubscribe from that specific workflow.

Unsubscribes will only apply to the Send Email action, and if a workflow has actions other than Send Email they will run as normal even if the individual is unsubscribed. Because of this behaviour, when a workflow is triggered for a unsubscribed user the workflow will still appear to run as normal and will be visible in logs after it runs. It will also be queued if the workflow has a delay set.

Any emails that were not sent due to an unsubscribe will be noted in the workflow logs.

Footer unsubscribe link

It’s a good idea to check that the unsubscribe link is displaying correctly in your emails. By default, AutomateWoo inserts an unsubscribe link after the email footer text. If this doesn’t appear then your email template is missing the filter woocommerce_email_footer_text. This filter is included in the default WooCommerce email template.

If you want to show the unsubscribe link somewhere else in your email template you can use the<?php echo AW_Mailer_API::unsubscribe_url() ?> method anywhere in a custom email template.