Email Templates

By default, there are two email templates available for you in AutomateWoo. These are the WooCommerce Default and Plain Text which you will already be familiar with. The WooCommerce Default template will look the same as your store’s transactional emails and if you want to customize it there a few ways you can achieve this.

Changing the email design

If you aren’t too confident with custom code, you can use an email customizer plugin to modify the appearance of your emails. There are a few plugins on the market that you can choose from which require no coding knowledge whatsoever.

If you wish to override the default email templates yourself, this can be achieved by copying the file into your theme and rewriting some of the code to suit your needs. You can read more on how to do this in the WooCommerce documentation and on SellwithWP.

Creating a custom template

The first step in creating a custom template is to register it with the automatewoo_email_templates filter in your functions.php file. The following code snippet shows how to do this:

Then you need to create a directory in your theme as follows /%my theme%/automatewoo/custom-email-templates/%my unique template slug%/


There are three files that make up an email template: email-footer.php, email-header.php, email-styles.php. This is the same as a standard WooCommerce template and should be in the same format. A good starting place is to copy these files found under /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/emails/ and then modify them.