Custom Email Templates

Creating a custom email template for AutomateWoo is relatively easy. The first step is to register your template with the automatewoo_email_templates filter as per the code snippet below. You need to give your template a unique slug and a name.

Then you need to create a directory in your theme as follows /%my theme%/automatewoo/custom-email-templates/%my unique template slug%/

There are three files that make up an email template: email-footer.php, email-header.php, email-styles.php. This is the same as a standard WooCommerce template and should be in the same format. A good starting place is to duplicate these three files that can be found under /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/emails/ and then modify the files.custom-template_shrink

		add_filter( 'automatewoo_email_templates', 'my_automatewoo_email_templates' );

function my_automatewoo_email_templates( $templates )
	$templates['custom-1'] = 'Custom Template #1';

	// as of v2.6.7 you can also create a template with a unique from name and 
 	// from email by passing using the following array format 
	$templates['custom-2'] = array(
		'template_name' => 'Custom Template #2',
		'from_name' => 'AutomateWoo Custom',
		'from_email' => [email protected]'

	return $templates;