Actions List


Send Email

  • This action sends an HTML email using a template. The default template matches the style of your WooCommerce transactional emails. This action can be used for a number of different purposes including sending notifications, delivering discounts, and marketing new products.

Send Email – Plain Text

  • This action sends a plain text email. It will contain no HTML which means open tracking and click tracking will not work. Some variables may display unexpectedly due to having HTML removed. If necessary, an unsubscribe link will be added after the email content.

Send Email – Raw HTML

  • This action sends emails with only the HTML/CSS entered in the action’s HTML field and is designed for advanced use only. This is different from the standard Send Email action, which inserts the email content into a template. Some variables may display unexpectedly due to the different CSS.


Change Customer Role

  • This action changes a customer’s role to a new type which you specify. This can be used to reward a customer with VIP status. Please note that if the customer is a guest this action will do nothing.

Add/Update Customer Meta

  • Updates or adds a value for a customer meta key. If the customer has an account, the WordPress user meta table is used. If the customer is a guest, the AutomateWoo guest meta table is used.

Add Tags to Customer

  • Use this action to add tags to your customers to categorise them. For example, you could tag all customers who buy from a certain category. Please note that tags are not supported on guest customers.

Remove Tags from Customer

  • Identical to the previous rule, except it can remove tags. Please note that tags are not supported on guest customers.


Change Order Status

  • This action automates the process of changing an order to a certain status e.g. pending payment, cancelled.

Add/Update Order Meta

  • Adds or updates a value for your chosen order meta key.

Add Order Note

  • Adds a private or customer note to the order.

Resend Order Email

  • Resends one of the emails provided by WooCommerce for each order when it is cancelled, completed, refunded and so on. This action can also be used to automatically resend the customer an invoice email.

Trigger Order Action

  • Automates an Order Action in WooCommerce of your choice.

Add/Update Customer Provided Note

  • Allows you to add or update the note which the customer has provided with their order. If a note already exists, you can choose to append this to the existing note or replace it.

Order Items

Order Item – Update Custom Field

  • This action can add or update an order item’s custom field / meta data.

Subscriptions (requires WooCommerce Subscriptions)

Send Subscription Invoice

  • Email the subscription invoice to the customer.

Change Subscription Status

  • This action automatically changes a customer’s subscription to a particular status e.g. pending, on hold, expired.

Add Product

  • Add a product line item to a subscription to give a subscriber different products at different stages of their subscription.

Remove Product

  • Removes a product line item from a subscription to change the items a subscriber receives on renewals orders during their subscription.

Add Coupon

  • Add a coupon to a subscription to provide subscribers with lower prices at a later stage of their subscription, like a discount after remaining subscriber for more than 12 months or for a special holiday discount.

Remove Coupon

  • Remove a coupon on a subscription to increase or change the price of a subscription, for example, after providing a subscriber with a coupon for a limited promotion.

Add/Update Custom Field

  • Adds or updates the value of a single subscription custom field (meta) item.

Memberships (requires WooCommerce Memberships)

Create/Change Membership Plan For User

  • Changes the plan of a user’s active membership to a particular plan. If no active membership exists a new membership can optionally be created. This action can be used to reward your customers with automated membership plan upgrades.

Delete Membership For User

  • This action deletes a user’s membership plan.

Points and Rewards (requires WooCommerce Points and Rewards)

Customer – Add Points

  • Adds a specific amount of points to a customer. Guest customers are not supported.

Customer – Remove Points

  • Removes a specific amount of points from a customer. Guest customers are not supported.


Custom Function

  • If you wish to automate a custom function you have created, use this action and select your custom function in the field below.

Add/Update Product Meta

  • Adds or updates a value for your chosen product meta key.


Clear Queued Events

  • This action clears all events in your queue pertaining to a workflow for a particular user or guest. If you are clearing the queue and creating new queued events at the same time you may want to use the workflow order field so this action runs before new queued events are created.

Change Workflow Status

  • This action lets you disable a workflow after a certain trigger fires. You could use this action if you want to automatically disable a workflow after it reaches 1000 runs.

MailChimp (requires MailChimp)

Add Contact to List

  • This can be used to automatically add contacts to your mailing lists in MailChimp. You may wish to use this to automatically add your customers to certain lists based on their total spend or categories they purchase from.

Remove Contact From List

  • Identical to the previous action, except it removes customers from certain mailing lists.

Update List Contact Field

  • This action can be used to update your custom fields in MailChimp. Please note the customer must already be added to the list before a field may be updated.

Add Contact To Group

  • This action can be used to add a contact to multiple MailChimp list groups. It’s also possible to create the contact with this action if the contact doesn’t exist.

Remove Contact From Group

  • Identical to the previous action, except it removes customers from groups.

SMS (requires Twilio)

Send SMS (Twilio)

  • This integration with Twilio provides the option of automating your SMS messages to your customers. For example, you can send an SMS to a customer when their order has been completed or they have been awarded VIP status.

Mad Mimi (requires Mad Mimi)

Add User to List

  • Adds a user to a Mad Mimi list. This can be used in any number of situations, such as when they purchase from certain categories, allow their subscription to elapse or reach a total lifetime spend.

Campaign Monitor (requires Campaign Monitor)

Add User to List

  • Identical to previous action, except it integrates with Campaign Monitor.

AgileCRM (requires AgileCRM add-on)

Create/Update Contact

  • Creates or updates contacts in AgileCRM. If an existing contact is found by email then an update will occur, otherwise a new contact will be created. When updating a contact, any fields left blank will not be updated e.g. if you only want to update the address simply select an address and enter an email, all other fields can be left blank.

Add Tags to Contact

  • Adds tags to a contact using this action to sort them into categories. For example, you could tag all customers who are high spenders or who buy from a certain category.

Remove Tags to Contact

  • Identical to the previous action except it removes tags you have assigned to a contact.

Add Note to Contact

  • This action can be used to automate the process of adding AgileCRM notes to your contacts based on their shopping behaviour.

Add Task to Contact

  • Can be used to assign a task to a contact. You can also include the priority, due date, task type and description.

Update Contact Custom Field

  • This action can be used to update your custom fields in AgileCRM.

Create Deal

  • Can be used to create an AgileCRM deal automatically after a trigger fires. The deal is highly customizable with the option to include value, probability (%), milestone, close date and description all within AutomateWoo.