Managing Licenses

IMPORTANT UPDATE: AutomateWoo has moved to the WooCommerce Extensions Store which means product licenses are now managed on If you need help with your subscription please refer to the guide on Managing subscriptions.

The following documentation only applies to legacy subscriptions.

Licenses purchased with entitle you to one year of updates and customer support from the AutomateWoo team for the products to which the license relates.

This document explains how to view and manage your license/s with

Looking for general information about an license is or the license for the AutomateWoo codebase? Refer to the Licenses doc.

Account Licenses Page

To view your licenses, visit the Account > Licenses page.

On this page, you can:

  • Retrieve your license key
  • View the subscription connected to each license, and the payment method set on that subscription
  • View the scheduled next payment date for each license
  • Toggle a license’s auto renew setting
  • Upgrade or downgrade a license

Auto-Renew License

To keep your license active, your subscription needs to be renewed each year. This requires payment and provides another year of support & updates. provides auto-renew functionality to conveniently process license renewals without any action from you. Auto-renew can be enabled or disabled from your Account > Licenses for each of your licenses.

To enable or disable auto-renew:

  1. Go to your Account > Licenses page.
  2. Click the Auto-renew toggle
  3. Click the Confirm button

Your license will now have auto-renew enabled or disabled, as will other licenses that will renewal in the same subscription. You can toggle between the two states at any time.

Auto-renew change confirmation dialog
Auto-renew change confirmation dialog