Add Payment Method for Auto Renewal

Support & update licenses purchased with prior to November 2018 were created without saving the payment method with PayPal or our credit card processor.

When migrated to the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin for license renewals, no saved payment methods were available for processing renewal payments on existing licenses. As a result, license subscriptions were created with auto-renew disabled.

A payment method can be manually added to these subscriptions to enable auto-renew.

To setup auto-renew for a license purchased prior to November 2018:

  1. Go to Account > Licenses
  2. Click the Auto-renew toggle next to the license
  3. Click the Add payment method button in the dialog
  4. Select the preferred payment method on the Checkout page
  5. Optional: click the radio box to add this payment method to all of your subscriptions with
  6. Complete payment

Once a payment method has been added, the associated subscription/s will have auto renew enabled. When the renewal date arrives, the subscription will automatically process a renewal payment using this payment method and extend your license without any extra effort on your part.

After adding a payment method, you can change the payment method, or disable auto renew on the subscription in future if required.

Enabling Auto Renew

Step 1 Click the Auto Renew toggle on either the Subscription or Licenses account page. For a subscription purchased after November 2018, this would enable Auto Renew; however, because there is no payment method associated with the subscription, an Add payment method dialog will be displayed instead.

Add payment method button on the subscription page

Step 2 Click the Add payment method button in the dialog to start the process of connecting a payment method to the subscription.

Add payment method dialog on the licenses page

Step 3 Enter the new payment method’s details on the Checkout page and click Add Payment Method.

Add payment method via checkout

Step 4 After adding a new payment method, you will be redirected to the Account Subscription page and a notice will be displayed to confirm that a payment method was added to the subscription.

Confirmation page after adding a payment method