Abandoned Cart

One of AutomateWoo’s key features is sending out WooCommerce abandoned cart emails. It has a session tracking module that can detect a returning registered user even when they aren’t logged in and it can also track your guests.

How is guest customer data captured?

The Cart Abandoned trigger uses the pre-submit email capture technique on the checkout page which means that a customer’s email is captured even before they fully complete the checkout process. As soon as the customer enters a valid email, AutomateWoo captures it and adds a tracking cookie to their browser.

Once this happens, the contents of a customer’s cart gets stored and is displayed in the Active Carts report. Future changes to the guest cart are also recorded and if the cart is abandoned this will trigger any abandoned cart workflows you’ve created.

Capturing Emails from Extra Fields

By default this pre-submit functionality is only enabled on the checkout page, but the same technique can be used on any email field on your website. To achieve this, add the CSS class automatewoo-capture-guest-email to an email field.

Enable Capture Javascript on all pages

The email capture javascript is only enabled on the checkout page by default. This is to avoid loading  unused javascript on every page. To capture email addresses from pages other than the checkout you must change the below setting under AutomateWoo > Settings > General.


Setting custom guest email jQuery selectors

If you are not able to add a CSS class to your target email field, you can add new guest jQuery selectors with the filter automatewoo/guest_capture_fields.

Testing guest email capture

When testing the guest email capture function it is important to create a completely new browser session. Otherwise the session tracking will remember that you are a registered user (even if you are logged out) and will not record any captured email addresses. If you use Google Chrome you should open a new incognito window before testing.