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5 email marketing tactics to improve customer retention

Repeat sales are extremely important for any ecommerce business. You spend the big bucks on getting new customers – creating awareness about your brand through online marketing campaigns, social media, and more – and you hope that the reward for all that hard work will be a growing loyal customer base.According to a 2012 Adobe report on the U.S. ecommerce sector, repeat shoppers represented just 8% of all site visitors but accounted for 41% of total online sales.  In order to get that repeat business, you need to remind your customers that you’re there, and more than once. Typically you should expect to remind a customer 5-7 times before he/she makes a repeat purchase.  Smart, personalized WooCommerce email marketing leads to greater customer retention.Here are 5 effective ways for WooCommerce store managers to use marketing automation to reach out to those customers via personalized email campaigns and encourage them to come back to your site...
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