Video: Automatic VIP Customers for WooCommerce

Whether you want to reward your best customers or create an incentive to spend more having a VIP Customer tier on your WooCommerce store can be an highly effective marketing strategy.

AutomateWoo lets you automate the process of creating WooCommerce VIP customers without writing a single line of code! Take a look at the video walkthrough for more info.

  • Hi, i’ve purchased this plugin today and would like to know whether customers will be receiving 15% off each order after they become VIP customers. Or is it just one off? Thank you! Natalie

    • Daniel Bitzer

      Hi Natalie, in this example the VIP customers receive the discount off all orders.

      • Do they need a discount code or the discount will be automatically applied to the orders? Also, is it possible to create a workflow to offer VIP customers one off discount?

        • Daniel Bitzer

          The discount is applied automatically when a customer signs in. A good way to create create one off discounts is with unique coupons. There is an example of how to do that in the abandoned cart video here –

  • Andres Balasso

    Hi there it is possible to apply discount to a group of elements only, let say from a specific brand or other attribute?

    • Daniel Bitzer

      Hi Andres, that is more of a question for the Dynamic Pricing plugin but I know you can apply discounts based on categories, not sure about brands/attributes.